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The Parachute Skimmer is a new and improved approach to the classic skimmer net. It cleans the surface and subsurface of any body of water including; pools, algae in ponds, lazy rivers, and other waterpark attractions in a fraction of the time of any other product available. It even cleans up oil. Simply pull it through the water or set it in place and capture debris with ease. It uses no chemicals, so it is safe for your loved ones and the environment.

Parachute Skimmer - Algae and Floating Weed, Duck Weed Collector Skimming Rake Net Style Tool for Lake & Pond

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Keeping ponds clean is made easier with the installation of an EasyPro skimmer. Skimmers keep floating debris such as leaves, grass clippings or other material from sinking to the pond bottom. EasyPro offers the most innovative and professional grade skimmers available. Innovative design allows you to choose between a vertical filter mat or filter brushes. Skimmers have a removable center divider, this creates two chambers in the skimmer box — one for filtering and one for the pump.

EasyPro Pro-Series Skimmers 6000 Gallon Small Skimmer with Filter Pad

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