Owner Jungle Flipping Hook (HD) – Scottsboro Tackle Co.


Owner Jungle Flipping HD Hooks - FishUSA

Designed to be the baddest Flipping Hook on the market! You can have 100% confidence when flipping into the thickest of cover and catching the biggest

Jungle Flipping HD

Discover the Flip Clip and get access to a revolutionary tool that helps fish caught in deep water with distended air bladder. The Flip Clip is

Flip Clip

Terminal Tackle – Scottsboro Tackle Co.

Decoy Hooks – Scottsboro Tackle Co.

Owner Ultrahead Darter Type Hooks - Melton Tackle

, 3 sizes, Twist lock Rigging, Centering Pin Spring, Open/ Full Gap, Weedless No-Slop Rigging, XXX Strong

Owner Beast Hook

Owner Terminal Tackle – Scottsboro Tackle Co.

Terminal Tackle – Scottsboro Tackle Co.

Owner Jungle Flipping Hooks, 3.0 - The Jungle Flipping Hook was designed to withstand heavy braided line use and the toughest of conditions. Made with Zo-Wire, the wire strength is stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires. This means smaller hook wire diameters for better penetration and a Super Needle Point that will not roll over or dull. The eye is 100 percent closed to prevent knots from in slipping out.

Owner Jungle Flipping Hook - 4/0

Owner Zo-Wire Jungle Flipping Hooks, Look for Owner Zo-Wire Jungle Series hooks at your favorite fishing tackle retailer!

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