5/8 Oval Head Trigger Snap Hooks: For Round Cords and Flat Straps


Name: metal swivel clips Color: Black Material: metal Dimensions: 1/2 end trigger snap closure, 1-3/4 overall length

heyous 4pcs Zinc Alloy Trigger Snap Hooks, 48mm 360 Degree Swivel Spring Buckle Metal Swivel Clips Heavy Duty Snaps Hook for Webbing, Straps, Wires

Trigger Snap — Tandy Leather Canada

BIKICOCO 5/8'' Swivel Trigger Snap Hook Lobster Claw Clasp Spring

Trigger Snap — Tandy Leather Canada

Swivel Trigger Snap Hook - Silver

Gunnebo 5/8 GBK-16-10 Grade 100 Self-Closing Hook - 22600 lbs WLL

Small Bolt Snaps: Made of Casted Metal Steel

5/8 Oval Head Trigger Snap Hooks: For Round Cords and Flat Straps

Minerallac Electrical Construction Hardware Manufacturer

Steel Metal Spring Wire Gate Bolt Snap Hooks: For Leashes and


Multifunction Swivel Snaps Heavy Duty 1 Inch Swivel Hook Latch Trigger Hook Dog Leash for Crafts, Backpack, Pet Leash and Keychain: The heavy duty

Swivel Snap Hooks Heavy Duty Trigger Clip - 2Pcs Leash Hook Lanyard Clips Nickel Plated Keychain Clips for Crafts Hook Eye Clasp Heavy Duty Clip

Swivel Trigger Snaps are ideal to use with rope, chain, straps, animal leashes, horse reins, suitcases and sports bags. This holds up to 40 lbs. for

1/2 in. x 2-3/8 in. Nickel-Plated Swivel Trigger Snap

1pcs Metal Snap Hook Swivel Eye Trigger Clip Clasp for Leather

Trigger Snap Hooks: For Keychains and Craft Making

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