Inline Spinner - Canada


Mepps Xtra Deep Dressed Inline Spinner – Natural Sports - The

Handmade Spinner Fishing Lure Orange W/ Nickel Blade Inline

Spinner Fishing Lures - Mepps, Etic, Lucky Strike

Weedless Smartmouth Inline – The Hook Up Tackle

Mepps Aglia Dressed 1/6oz Silver/White

Inline spinner for shallow rocky river, smallmouth - Fishing


No more inline spinners?

Fishing Spinner Lures Hard Metal Spinner

Handmade Spinner Fishing Lure Yellow & Blue W/ Copper-print Blade

This in-line spinner features a stone agate body and fluted blade. These lures are made with real stones which provide both the colour and weight.

GeoDart Inline Spinner for Trout, Salmon, Bass | Canadian Made with Real Stone

LOVERTAIL 2 Weedless inline spinner bucktails - WELCOME TO JAMES

Blue Fox Size 2 Black Blue Whip Tail Deep Runner

Blue Craw Spinner, Stand out! Flashy, interesting colours are fantastic for grabbing the attention of fish, which are curious by nature. Especially

Spinner • Blue Craw • #3

2023 Happy New Year: Fishing Lures Inline Spinners Kit Loaded in

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