Maxheads-Custom Bass Drum Heads


Maxheads: Custom Kick Drum Heads - Downers Grove, IL - Alignable


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MaxHeads: Custom Kick Drum Heads

Maxheads-Custom Bass Drum Heads

Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics Band Merch • Vintage Logos

Fiberskyn 3 drumheads feature the dark, warm, round tone sought after for traditional jazz, concert snare drums, bass drums and tom-toms. Fiberskyn 3 also provides an outstanding, authentic ethnic drum sound when used on World Percussion instruments. The Fiberskyn 3 Ambassadors are medium-weight heads made with a poly-spun fiber single ply 10 mil Mylar film to produce a warm mid range resonant sound with a warm attack. The Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador surface is excellent for sticks, brushes.

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Maxheads-Custom Bass Drum Heads

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